‘You can’t wear skirts or dresses as you may distract the men in your presentation’

Not only is this a ridiculous thing to say in 2016 but I can imagine any men reading this would feel pretty pissed off and generalised! Granted there are some gross perverts, male and female, out there who objectify the opposite gender for their own amusement but thats another story… Stupidly enough, someone DID say […]

A little kick up the butt

It’s come to that terrifying milestone I never thought would burst my little Winchester Uni bubble; I’ve nearly finished. I have 3 weeks of lectures left, one dissertation to hand in and one exam to complete… and I have no bloody clue how I’m going to feel when its finally over. I look back to […]


Just keep writing writing writing

… Thanks Dory. Literally do feel like I’m swimming in uni work at the moment though. Started that thing called a DISSERTATION today (cry) and rather than focusing on that I’m just going to ramble on here instead and tell you all about some more articles I’ve written. You can find them at http://santmagazine.com/the-tiny-humans/. I was […]

Make-up tutorial…?

So, I have just spent a good 45 minutes doing my make up, following a daily tutorial from popular blogger Zoella. I said a while back that I was going to do make up tips and what not but I feel like doing my own daily make up video… Zoella claims not to be an […]